Thursday, September 15, 2011

Introducing the MyDC CEO Blog!

If you are reading this you have found the new blog for mydiabetesconcierge.com's CEO, Daniel Davis. We are trying to revolutionize the way people think, act, and live with diabetes. Hopefully in the process we can save a few lives, help a few people prevent diabetes altogether, and support a few people dealing with diabetes.

If you're not familiar with us, please check out our site at www.mydiabetesconcierge.com. I think we have put together an excellent list of features and services for anyone facing diabetes either now or in the future. More importantly, everything can be personalized just for you, all are available 24/7 (diabetes doesn't do 9-5, why should we?) and the number of options you have are amazing (features for your computer, your phone, text messaging, all types of professionals).

I want to keep this site people-oriented by listening to the diabetes community and keeping things as affordable as we can. So comment away, throw out your opinions, impressions, and help us make mydiabetesconcierge.com your comprehensive diabetes support package!


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