Thursday, January 26, 2012

Resource Allocation

So many things in Diabetes relate to resource allocation. Whether it is financial resources or precious mental resources, everything we do requires thought, energy, and intentionality. We have almost completed the month on January and our soft-launch is doing very well. We are gaining a membership basis and our members appear to appreciate the personal service that we provide in addition to all our tech-related features. MyDC is a completely different way to think about resource allocation, and never before have people been able to empower themselves with so many resources (nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, sports coaches, etc...) in such an affordable and convenient way. I am happy to see our hard work paying off to really help people, instant gratification!

As we inch closer to our grand opening we are excited. We also promise our members that with more and more resources we can continue to develop our services and offer even more game-changing features that for whatever reason we were unable to do up to this point. We are always thinking of ways to revolutionize diabetes for people, and we sincerely thank you all for giving us the opportunity to change your lives! Cheers to the future!

Visit us today at www.MyDiabetesConcierge.com!

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